Monday, January 4, 2010


Growl all day and you'll feel dog tired at night. ~Anonymous

Today I am grateful…

  • that I have what I need today
  • for Sunday night Scrabble and bananas foster without alcohol
  • today I can get back to eating healthier
  • God has been abundant in my life
  • that I never had the thought that maybe AA could teach me how to drink normally, or responsibly


Most of us, by yielding to self-will, lose out in the search for real joy, true success, and genuine happiness.  Our alcoholism was perhaps the best example of self-will in action. It was only when we turned to a Higher Power that we began to find the things that we had been vainly seeking in the bottle.  God has brought us this far and will not fail us when we ask for guidance and understanding in other matters. ~Walk In Dry Places


Jackie Callahan said...

Thank you for sharing, I know that when I seek to medicate pain from things outside of myself (drugs, alcohol, food) I am missing out on all the vast potential for joy I have inside of me. It's only when I abstain from the behaviors (and I allow the feelings to come - that the medicators were supposed to fix - )that I can begin to heal.

Unknown said...

I was watching Food Network and they had a banana recipe. Glazed bananas with sour creme/brown sugar/cinnamon topping. I am going to adapt it for low-cal. I'll let you know. And the self-will thing--yep, when I let go of me, I found ME.


dAAve said...

I am not cultured enough to know what a bananas foster is, but I'm wondering what ingredients are in it. I'm much too lazy to google it.

The Second Road said...

good quote--I know several people who spend way too much time and energy growling.

Now, if growling took off calories--that would be another story!

Even though it's sad to see the holidays slip away, I can't wait to watch the holidays pounds disappear.

Lou said...

ha,ha...love that last bullet.

Syd said...

I like Bananas Foster. The quote about self will is great. Thanks!

Mary Christine said...

A road wants to lose weight?

Pammie said...

I never ate bananas foster. I was more of a Dairy Queen Banana Split kind of girl.