Thursday, February 11, 2010


To the untrained, casual eye, each wave looks the same. It is not. No two are the same. And each one washes away the old, and washes in the new.

Today I am grateful…

  • for the uber comfortableness of a home group
  • for silly ‘getting the giggles like I was a kid in church’ moments in last nights meeting
  • that a while back I added the gratitude for teaching me to be more compassionate to my daily prayers. It’s paying off.
  • that when I am not thinking about myself my mind is in a more comfortable place
  • that I don’t think I have ever been President of the United States


There's no way to prepare for deep grief, for the pain that shatters a heart and a life when a loved one leaves.
No one can coach us on it. Those who could, who knew exactly how it felt, who could describe it in detail, wouldn't do it, would not presume to encroach on this most intimate part of our relationship with a loved one. Those who casually say, "Aren't you over that yet?" don't understand.
This much I will tell you about grief: If there was ever a second, or a moment, when you suspected or knew you had been betrayed at the deepest level by someone you adored, and a splintering pain began to shred your heart, turn your world grimly unbearable to the point where you would consciously choose denial and ignorance about the betrayal rather than feel this way, that is one-millionth of what it feels like to grieve.
Grief is not an abnormal condition, nor is it something to be treated with words. It is a universe, a world, unto itself. If you are called to enter this world, there is no turning back. We are not allowed to refuse that call. Grief is like nothing else, with the possible exception of the pounding waves of the ocean. To the untrained, casual eye, each wave looks the same. It is not. No two are the same. And each one washes away the old, and washes in the new.
Gradually, almost imperceptibly, whether we believe it or not, we are being transformed. ~The Language of Letting Go 


Lou said...

I'm glad to have met you..you are half giggles, half spiritual. Nice.

Garykfc said...

You would make a very nice president. I'd love to see all the art that you would hang in the White House.

dAAve said...

Hi Scott.

Syd said...

Amazing stuff in the paragraphs about grief. What is the source of that? It is something that I have copied and saved. Thanks Scott.

Tall Kay said...

Those words on grief touched my heart. I just didn't understand how it felt, until I felt it.

I think you'd make a great president too!

Ed G. said...

No wonder my mind feels the way it does with all those partially farmed words behind my eyes.

Nice thoughts for today.

Blessings and aloha...

Anonymous said...

on grief: WOW. i needed to read that today. (i'm catching up on your posts.)