Thursday, January 21, 2010


What is defeat?...Nothing but the first step to something better. ~Wendell Phillips

Today I am grateful…

  • yesterday all was well in my life but my mind was really convinced I needed to be fearful and angry. The mind didn’t win yesterday.
  • so much of life is mysterious and I don’t have to know all the working pieces, but I dreamed I was in a wheel chair because my left leg was bothering me. I woke with my left hip, knee and ankle achy.
  • that my life isn’t a Jackie Chan movie
  • to strive to follow the advise, "Don't let others rent space in your head" it's a hard one for me, often
  • I don't get lonely, my anger subsides fairly quickly, if I get tired I nap and my hunger only comes from watching my food intake


I just know that you are expected, at some point, to do more than carry the message of A.A. to other alcoholics. In A.A. we aim not only for sobriety--we try again to become citizens of the world that we rejected, and of the world that once rejected us. This is the ultimate demonstration toward which Twelfth Step work is the first but not the final step. ~Bill W


Lou said...

I hope Bunny did not see that scary picture.

Kim A. said...

H.A.L.T. is my first tool when I am feeling...um...bitchy? It is simple, effective and produces results when put into practice. Now I want a piece of cheesecake for breakfast...what's up with that??


dAAve said...

Love that picture.

Nice list today, Mr W.

Bill said...

Have a fearless day, pal!

The picture reminds me of when I was in Jr. High, and was in a doctor's waiting room reading The Exorcist. A busybody said "Your mother is letting you read that book?!?!"
"She bought it for me," I replied.

Ed G. said...

I love the quote from Bill. I hope that your life continues to be better than your mind.

Blessings and aloha...

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Mysterious, eh?

Syd said...

Renting space in my head. We talked about that at today's meeting. I had to smile when one of the newcomers called the alcoholic in her life, her collateral. I liked that.

Pam said...

My mind told me similar things and I bought into it big time.

Mary Christine said...

That poor child. I think those parents ought to be charged.