Sunday, January 17, 2010


Once the game is over, the king and the pawn go back into the same box. ~Italian proverb

Today I am grateful…

  • help can arrive quickly after a disaster. One hundred years ago it would have been months for a ship to reach Haiti, then return to home port. It would then take more time for the news to reach us.
  • our client made it out of Haiti thanks to a local connection to mercenaries who flew her out of the country
  • for Saturday game night. Raucous laughter with good friends.
  • that I just keep doing my gratitude lists, some days I just don’t want to—but it is such a part of my recovery I keep going.
  • to have so many, many little things that bring me incredible joy


In reaching out to others and letting them know I care, I have discovered that I am really helping myself. My carelessness disappears when I reach out to others. This does not mean that I am willing to put myself or my recovery at risk, but it does mean that I need to be willing to carry the message and I need to be willing to show others I care. Sometimes, this means offering someone a ride to a meeting or hanging out with someone after a meeting because they need to talk. Sometimes it means being willing to make a phone call and at other times it means helping someone laugh out loud. ~Wisdom for Today


Pam said...

I have wonder what kind of games...and how does one get an invite.
It never hurts to know a few mercenaries I guess...or missionaries for that matter.

Jeremy said...

Your Daily OM gives me a lot to think about - thank you!

Bill said...

Good ol' Attitude of Gratitude! Your blog helped me adopt a new attitude toward life when my sobriety was a brand new thing, and it helps me keep the right thoughts flowing today. I'm glad you are here.

Mary Christine said...

I am grateful your client got out.

Syd said...

I have been listening to news out on the boat and get the occasional podcast. I hope that more rescue efforts and supplies come soon.

Garykfc said...

I am so glad you have what I want. I hope you have the best day ever and more to come.

Kim A. said...

Your quotes and post reminded me of the Phoenix, the mythological bird that would die in it's nest in a bright flame to be reborn out of the ashes anew. Haiti is a Phoenix. I am a Phoenix too. I know, weird, but that is what came to mind..hope.