Tuesday, December 29, 2009


When we lie to ourselves, we cannot tell the truth to others. ~Today’s Gift

Today I am grateful…

  • that the eye doctor told me yesterday I had a beautiful macula lutea and a beautiful optic nerve. Of course I thanked her.
  • that I get excited when I can share my E, S and H
  • that I don’t get bent that others have lots of money to spend on stuff. I was in Nordstrom’s yesterday exchanging a shirt given to me for Christmas from a client. She has lots of money. There were people all around spending lots of money on clothes. I can look pretty snappy on not much money spent on clothes. I managed to get two shirts and a gift card for the exchange!
  • that I love me some alcoholics
  • for the adventure (see below)


The spirit of adventure settles over us slowly sometimes. In the beginning, when those old winds of change blow, we turn our backs, fight, and resist. We just want things to stay the same. Gradually we let go of the need to control. We allow things to change and us to change with them.

We accept the change.

Then we round the corner and find a wonderful lesson there, and then another, and another. Soon we find ourselves looking forward to taking the next step, anxious to see what lies in front of us today.Where will my path lead? Who will I meet? What will I learn? What wonderful lesson is taking place right now?

And the adventure begins to consume us. ~More Language of Letting Go


dAAve said...

The people in that picture remind me why Houston banned public swimming pools.

Lou said...

Change is very hard for me. The more change going on around me, the more I want to plant my feet and refuse to budge. I'm working on that all the time.

Great reading, whole different way to look at change.

Kathy M. said...

We allow things to change and change with them. We accept the change. I love that. Thanks.

jeanne leigh said...

Yes, I love this adventure too..though I sometime struggle with the changes...good to be reminded....seems that "letting go" is such a big part of this adventure. Peace, jeanne

Kim A. said...

Change is only stuff that stays the same that doesn't. I'm in one of those moods...


Syd said...

Accepting change is a good thing. I don't mind changes as long as I have the skills to adapt.

Mary Christine said...

I love exchanging expensive gifts for many more practical things! Nice job!

Susan Deborah said...

"The spirit of adventure settles over us slowly sometimes" - I liked this line. Scott you write so well about things that randomly stay within me when I travel. I am grateful for finding your blog in this medium.

Joy always,

Anonymous said...

from Leah:
Love that 1st quote. Of course you have beautiful body parts in your head :)
very nifty on the shirt exchange, I love getting deals.

Tall Kay said...

The picture reminds me of a jacuzzi party I came out of a blackout at. I still have no idea how I got there.