Wednesday, December 9, 2009


No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Today I am grateful…

  • that I never really watched The Biggest Loser other than a few minutes here and there, but last night I saw the last three weigh in and the winner determined. He lost 55% of his weight. There is a euphoria to that kind of weight loss. I have had the experience (not that big a percentage, but 70 pounds is significant). It just shows that the seemingly impossible can be a reality.
  • that reality can have a boundary or it can be flexible, it's my perception to which I must pay attention
  • for prayers for all those still on the sinking ship
  • that my ship is in dry dock


We are all seeking something, but many do not know what they want in life. They are seeking something because they are restless and dissatisfied, without realizing that faith in God can give an objective and a purpose for their lives. Many of us are at least subconsciously seeking for a Power greater than ourselves because that would give a meaning to our existence. If you have found that Higher Power, you can be the means of leading others aright, by showing them that their search for a meaning to life will end when they find faith and trust in God as the answer. ~Twenty-Four Hours a Day


Shannon said...

I love the quote! good morning to you! I know what you mean too about loosing significant weight! I have lost 60lbs!!!! and I feel great,
anyway have a great day and thanks for all you share here

Syd said...

My ship is sailing but I'm on board with a spiritual passenger.

Mary Christine said...

It was very inspiring to watch those losers. Especially the woman who couldn't run a mile = and she finished a marathon. Something I still aspire to do.

70 lbs. That is amazing Scott.

Bill said...

The woman on TV sure hates that yellow towel.

Findon said...

Its the photos and your humour I look forward to in the day. You have such style.

Pam said...

is that dave?

Garykfc said...

Amazingly I do have that strong sense of searching in my life. It was really good to ready that to know others walk the face of the earth feeling exactly the same.