Friday, December 4, 2009


I want to feel myself part of things, of the great drift and swirl; not cut off, missing things, like being sent to bed early as a child. ~Joanna Field

Today I am grateful…

  • that I wasn’t counting, but I can remember at least six people yesterday telling me they love me
  • that the mystery of life seems, these days, more like an adventure. Well, rope me and call me Doty…I never suspected I would feel like that.
  • that God whispers to my heart
  • that I listened to a woman who had fifteen facial surgeries to change her looks. She is addicted to plastic surgery. She said she no longer recognizes herself. I, too, find it hard to see the old me in the mirror. I consider that a blessing in life. She doesn’t.
  • that yesterday in a record store a young man said he knew me. I didn’t recognize him but automatically extended my hand and said, “I’m Scott”. He asked if I worked there. I told him I must have one of those faces and said it was good to see him. I wandered away asking myself just who was it that said those words to a stranger. It certainly wasn’t my old self—the one who would have run from such an experience.

zen circle 1

Always seek to set aside the valuations of the world which seem wrong and try to judge only by those valuations which seem right to you. Do not seek too much the praise and notice of men. Be one of those who, though sometimes scoffed at, have a serenity and peace of mind which the scoffers never know. Be one of that band who feel the Divine Principle in the universe, though He be often rejected by men because He cannot be seen. ~Twenty-Four Hours a Day


Lou said...

He has given us much that cannot be seen. What grace that is!

enchantedoak said...

You always lift me up with your musings on life. You sound like someone I very much would like to know in meetings of AA.

Syd said...

I'm glad that you like your new face and it didn't require a bunch of surgery. Good for you with the guy in the record store. So much to smile about.

dAAve said...

I getting dizzy. er.

Mary Christine said...

What a wonderful freedom to say "I'm Scott". Well, for me, it wouldn't be so good, because I would need to say "I'm Mary." But you know what I mean.