Wednesday, April 2, 2008

04 x 02 = 08

In addition to persistent, ongoing effort, continued success requires humility. If you grow arrogant after a few accomplishments, you're not likely to have many more. With each success you gain more confidence, and that's great. When you've done it before, you know that you can do it again.
Yet even as your confidence level grows higher and higher, do not make the mistake of discarding your humility. For humility keeps you reasonable, respectful, thankful, thoughtful and realistic, and those are all qualities essential for continued success.
Today I am grateful...
  • for Indian food from Shiva
  • for the story of a heroin addict last night on ABC and to be reminded how we are like tornadoes running through others' lives while we are active in our addiction
  • that when we don't drink or drug we wake in the morning sober
  • that eventually Mary Christine's headache will subside
  • for more prayers for my friend that is in a dangerous place
  • that I got Scott of Cleves art piece mailed Monday
  • that I have 1597 days of sobriety today
Thinking that you're entitled to something just because you want it is a reliable recipe for failure and disappointment. Humility reminds you that in order to receive value, you must create value in equal measure. While it is certainly possible to accomplish things without humility, those accomplishments will be empty and short-lived. Those people who enjoy meaningful success and fulfillment year after year and decade after decade are those people who know the value of humility.
Choose to be strong enough and smart enough to live with genuine humility. The rewards for doing so will show up throughout your whole life. ~Ralph Marston


Syd said...

I am thankful that I was never arrogant. But the humility that I've learned since being in Al-Anon is based on willingness and acceptance.

Scott Crawford said...

Valuing humility is the surest way to mindful and even joyful acceptance of the work we do each to remain sober and to pay it both back and forward.

My humility also compels me to thank yours, Scott, for getting you to the post office.

Happy day.

peanut said...

Good morning, Scott !

I hope you are well.

Zanejabbers said...

Enjoy your day, dear.

dAAve said...

Good evening Scott.

Bill said...

I am truly enjoying your research on humility, a quality so misunderstood and undervalued in our culture, but so necessary to our recovery and happiness.

I had the opportunity to spend this morning helping a heroin addict. All I really did was spend time at her home talking with her, helping her not use between our dawn meeting and a noon meeting. It was a good reminder to me to look beyond the addiction and see the beautiful soul beneath the pain. She really helped me today, and I'm grateful for that.

Pammie said...

I'm so thankful that I'm not in a dangerous place.

Anonymous said...

i'll send good thoughts to your friend in a dangerous place...