Thursday, February 28, 2008

02.28.08 twos and eights and zeroes

No work is of value without preparation. Every spiritual work must have behind it much spiritual preparation. Cut short times of prayer and times of spiritual preparation and many hours of work may be profitless. From the point of view of God, one poor tool working all the time, but doing bad work because of lack of preparation, is of small value compared with a sharp, keen, perfect instrument working only for a short time, but that turns out perfect work because of long hours of spiritual preparation. ~Twenty-Four Hours a Day
Today I am grateful...
  • that I have some real choices this political season
  • that last night I was able to rescue Tanner, a liver and white pointer, that had escaped and probably run at top speed through the major intersection a block from here. I was on the way to J & R's for dinner, and spied him. He let me lead him by the collar and jumped in the back seat of the car. A young dog, and huge, and a handful. His collar had his folk's phone number on it, and they were just blocks away. So I called and she came and will give a donation to a shelter as 'my reward'. This whole thing really energized me and I am totally grateful that Tanner made it home safely.
  • that nothing makes me happier than a happy dog
  • that God had chipped away at my character defects, not entirely removing them, but making them at least somewhat manageable
The effectiveness of Step Five rests with the true underlying character of the addict – the confessor. This step requires tremendous integrity – a willingness to be completely honest with self and others. It requires great will power – and recovering addicts generally meet that need.
The recovering addict, by completing this step, will often feel a great sense of relief. They will feel the sense of acceptance – in spite of their past. They will begin the process of reconciling with their fellow man. ~the fireside
Leave yourself alone. ~Jenny Janacek


dAAve said...

I didn't know that JR's still served food. I used to eat hamburgers there for lunch back in the early 80's.

btw -- ruff ruff, lick lick

Scott W said...

They do? Where did that thought come from?

Bill said...

You is a good mans, Scott W. I get so sad when I see a cat or a dog that has been struck by a car.

Integrity in action.

Trailboss said...

Good job brother.

Gwen R said...

Tanner is one lucky puppy to have a fabulous guardian angle like you!

Zane-nawwaa said...

I know the releif that Tanner's Mommie knew when she got your call.
You are a good man, Scott W.

Syd said...

Your compassion for the dog is a great thing. Glad that he got home.

Motorcycle Mike - Sober Biker said...

I thought about you today.

Thanks for being there. Mike

Pam said...

Oh I'm so glad you came along at the right time for that poor dog! How odd though....you have come along at the right time for a lot of people also. HMMMMM I'd say that God is using you my friend.

Anonymous said...

on behalf of a person that's been called by a person like you, thanks!

you are awesome!

Mary Christine said...

I am so glad to live in a world with people who are willing to grab an unknown dog and save his life.