Friday, August 10, 2007

An Understanding

Yesterday Tab asked me about spirituality and I attempted my own explanation. I found this, this morning, and thought it said it better:
An obstacle to my understanding the spiritual life was my intellectualization; my head was forever getting in the way of my heart. It was much easier to me to think rather than to feel; my faith was smothered by logic. My manipulating and controlling mind was stopping me experiencing the adventure of faith. The poet in me grew as I began to trust others. God became alive in my confusion. The answer was in not having to have the answers. Today spirituality involves all the varied confusions and paradoxes of life that I have discovered in me and in others --- and it's okay. Today the love I give and receive is beyond my wildest dreams, and I smile at the joy of my confusion.
May my head unite with my heart in the daily maze of life.
~Fr Leo's Daily Meditation


JJ said...

That is a lovely post Scott. And I love you.

sheilay said...

I really love this site. I just "stumbled" across it one day when I was looking for inspirational sites. And inspirational it is. I am a recovering alcoholic and I live in Little Rock, Arkansas. My sobriety date is April 2, 2006. Thank you for creating this site and sharing your experiences.

peanut said...

Dear Scott,

Having Spirituality has been the most rewarding "struggle" that I have ever undertaken. When I am "in the zone," it is Nervana. When I am not, I am not a happy camper.

I witnessed a friend in AA change in ways that were amazing some years ago. When I asked her what she had done to change, she told me she had embraced Spirituality. I made it my mission to achieve what she had.

Much of the time, I live happy, joyous and free now. Spirituality has led to a deeper search on a personal level for me.

It has led to a Faith. That led to a religion of choice.

All of this has led to a deeper love of myself and my fellows.

I strive to be that little child before anyone burdened me with "shoulds and should nots."

Tab said...

{{Scott W}}
I am going to copy that one and post it up in my office..it was just like the sweater you share,
made me feel warm.I love that..
Thank you for sharing :)

dAAve said...

too much for me to figure out

Trudging said...

"The answer was in not having to have the answers." That says it all.
Father Leo, you go!

Bouncing off the Bottom said...

I'm currently writing about HP and spirituality, and when I read this I got that little yes! feeling in my gut. Thanks.