Friday, August 10, 2007


I am blessed to have a fellowship and a program that works in good times and bad. I have been given a way to live, one day a time, dealing with life in small increments, having trust and faith in a loving God who will always take care of me, no matter what happens. And I have thrown myself into the loving arms of the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. Individual people may disappoint or not come through, but the fellowship as a whole is always there, I can trust the fellowship and trust that there is always someone there "for me" even if it is a person just coming off a drunk - and I need to be reminded of how good sober life is. ~Mary Christine G.
Today I am grateful...
  • that Mary Christine's son is in Kuwait and will be home Sunday
  • that R's counts are climbing. He may or may not have to have temporary dialysis.
  • for the fellowship of AA and the fellowship of long time friends
  • that the majority of letters in word verification are typed with the left hand. Ever notice that?
  • that MC usually uses correct grammar! LOL
  • for our newest Houston recovery blogger, Tom K
  • for the power and magic of prayer

Most of us pray when we are hurting. We learn that if we pray regularly, we won't be hurting as often or as intensely. ~NA Just for Today

The next year we took a job managing a camp outside of town where drunks were sent to get dried out and sobered up. It was our responsibility to see that they had food and stayed out of trouble. Both tasks were almost impossible at times, but we kept trying. With some support from old timers in A.A., we lasted a year. This was a volunteer job and we had little money for ourselves. When the year was up, I went over the list of drunks who had been through the place, 178 in all. I exclaimed to my partner, "Not a single one of them is sober today!" "Yeah," she replied, "but you and I are!" And so, on that happy note, we were then married. ~Alcoholics Anonymous, Fourth Addition pp. 442-443


Pam said...

1. i loved MC's post this morning also.
2. so glad to hear that R is better.
3. isn't it great about MC's son??yahoo.
4. YOU would notice about the verification letters being on the left hand....I love that quirky part of you.
5. happy friday mi amigo.

Shannon said...

You post and understanding post warmed my heart this morning Scott! Hope you and Bunny have a great day today

Mary Christine said...

Yous guys really warm my heart up.

Really. Thank you.