Tuesday, August 14, 2007


It is far easier to prepare for a storm when the skies are still clear. By the time dark clouds appear on the horizon, your options are drastically more limited and much less effective. ~Ralph Marston
Today I am grateful...
  • that the doctors let R go home from the hospital yesterday. I picked him up about 1:30 PM and took him home. It was the fastest release I have ever seen. He goes to the nephrologist later in the week to discuss treatments.
  • for patience, understanding and acceptance
  • that my mind is figuring out that it needn't be afraid when it lets go of things
  • that I can pray anywhere, anytime about anything
  • to experience that 'getting to the other side' where sanity is returned

This delusion that we are like other people has to be smashed. ~Bill W

We should have life and have it more abundantly--spiritual, mental, physical, abundant life--joyous, powerful life. This we can have if we follow the right way. Not all people will accept from God the gift of an abundant life, a gift held out free to all. Not all people care to stretch out a hand and take it. God's gift, the richest He has to offer, is the precious gift of abundant life. People often turn away from it, reject it, and will have none of it. ~Twenty-Four Hours a Day


Anonymous said...

i love your gratitude lists.

peanut said...

Dear Scott,

I'm so glad R has been released. I hope he does well and they find a treatment for continued health.

Love you

Pam said...

1. I'm glad R is well enough to go home, even though he still has a long road.
2. I'm glad you have people in your life that you really care about, and that care about you.
3. I love the Bill W. quote, it is one of my favorites!

Tab said...

I'm sure R is very grateful to be going home and having friends like you Scott W ~ Thanks for sharing:)

Meg Moran said...

yes, we can pray anytime, anywhere...thank you for sharing the love

Gwen said...

Glad you enjoyed the link Scott.

Patience, understanding and acceptance. Even if it takes me time to get there with certain things. What gifts.

Luv ya~


Mary Christine said...

I am grateful that R has a good friend like you Scott.

Scott said...

glad R is coming home...

sanity is great, isn't it?