Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Be careful not to invest your precious life in things that disappear the moment they're consumed. Focus on what you can give, and express, and create, and you'll experience genuine satisfaction that never runs out. ~Ralph Marston
Today I am grateful...
  • that Randall is picking up his new Cornish Rex kitten Saturday. Will he be Virgil, Newman, or...?
  • that my interaction with life has improved dramatically
  • that I keep coming back
  • that persistence and perseverance usually pay off, if I can wait a while
  • for bulk mail to collect spam
  • that I don't have to eat Spam or Vienna Sausages, or anything else with that nasty congealed shit on it
  • for this new version of the Thriller video, and this one

The beauty of our lives at this time is that we do have a caretaker at our beck and call, a caretaker who has demonstrated repeatedly a concern for our safety, a caretaker who will help us shoulder every responsibility we face. Clearly, our coming to this program shows that we have chosen to act responsibly. And just as clearly, every day that we ask for the guidance to live to the best of our abilities, we will be helped to accomplish the tasks right for us in this stage of our lives. All I have to do is make the right choices. I will always know which they are, when I ask for guidance. ~Each Day a New Beginning


peanut said...

Dear Scott,

I really like your additions to your site. We actually get to "see" your face now.

Also, adding the stream of work to the site is a great thing.

It just gets better and better in recovery, Yes?

Love you.

Pam said...

I love fried spam on a hamburger bun. OR..slice the spam on a cookie sheet. Mix Mustard, Brown Sugar and a little vinager together and pour over each spam slice.....bake at 350 deg. until it forms a brown bubbly crust. Serve with baked beans and biscuits. yummmmm

lisa said...

Ok Pam, that is just gross. But to each their own. How about Vernon for the kitty's name? Or is that too much like Vernon Potts?


Mary Christine said...

I actually like those little wieners. Not like the kind on David though... that is too little.
Sorry to be trashy and vile.
Sometimes I just can't help myself.