Friday, June 29, 2007

06.29.54 - 06.29.07

Willingness, honesty and open mindedness are the essentials of recovery. But these are indispensable. ~Alcoholics Anonymous
Today I am grateful...
  • that I have been granted a quiet and peaceful life
  • that looking at my old life I can say, there by the grace of God I went
  • that I have been granted the reprieve that so many pray for
  • that for fifty-three years I have had what I needed
  • that today I have a joy that only the program of AA could have given me, by the grace of a Higher Power
  • that I am grateful, as often as I know how, for this life I have been given and that daily I strive to maintain it to the best of my ability
Kindness is among the gifts we can most easily spread among others. The more we give of kind words and deeds, the more we discover that kindness is like a burning candle which lights many other candles without losing a trace of its own brightness. Our kindnesses are assets, which return unexpected dividends when we invest them in the happiness of others. Kindness is the very basis of love. It softens the most severe anger and gladdens the hardest hearts. No kindness is too small to win and hold the affection of others because it is made up of gentleness, love, generosity, unselfishness, and caring. ~Today's Gift


Pam said...

I want a quiet peaceful life...can I have yours?

peanut said...

Dear Scott,
you are very kind.
I try to be kind the whole day through but get tripped up. The old habits are so hard to break.

Knee-jerk reactions - out with you !

You are embodying the program in words and deeds, Sir.

Bless you, Scott.

PS - I am so thrilled that you have the life you want and are happy with what you have.

dAAve said...

Happy birthday Scott. You don't look 63. Not at all.
And today marks 2 years as a non-smoker too, eh?

Scott W said...

53!!! Not 63! And tomorrw is my two year anniversary as a non-smoker.

lisa said...

Happy Brother So!


lisa said...

That was supposed to be Happy Birthday So!


Motorcycle Mike - Sober Biker said...



I will try that today. Or at least for the rest of today.

JJ said...

I LOVE YOU! Happy Birthday Baby. I think I need some snuggle therapy.

Tab said...

holy shit ..you don't look 63!
Happy Birthday Scott :P

sober Chick said...

Happy birthday toooooo yooooouuuuuuuuu! You have so much to celebrate right now. However knowing you through your blog I feel that you don't wait for these days to celebrate the joy of life that is every day.