Thursday, June 28, 2007


Always remember that each day as you look at your world and see millions upon millions of flowers opening up, God does it all without using any force. ~Wayne Dyer
If I have to force the solution, then it’s not the solution. ~Pocket Sponsor
Today I am grateful...
  • that I don't have to be perfect, just a good human being
  • that joy and laughter comes so easily in sobriety
  • that I have to be constantly reminded that others might be having a bad day or a hard time and their actions have nothing to do with me
  • to want what I have. Today I have everything I need and a loving Higher Power for emphasis.

We are just as powerless over our successes as we are over the worst of our behaviors. We can only be faithful to our duties and ourselves. The successes, which flow from our work come and go. Since we can't nail them down, they may make us feel insecure. Many a man has destroyed his moment of success because he couldn't stand the powerless feeling. We must return to our program and allow success to rise and fall, as it will. ~Touchstones


dAAve said...

Good stuff.
As you go through this day, continue breathing.

Pam said...

Great list today Scott. I love that laughter comes so easily in sobriety, and not at the expense of others either.

peanut said...

Thank you for the reminder regarding "force." I've been such a "warrior" most of my life, trying to "force" my will in situations.
I like the reminder that no power has to be involved in a flower opening.

I think today I will see all my challenges as "flowers." If I will stay out of the way, they will form and resolve as they will. I can relax, stay calm and quiet and enjoy the bloom. I appreciate being part of the "noon crew." You save my life one moment at a time.

Shannon said...

damn, you got all my numbers on this one... I loved it Scotty thanks : )
Happy HNT

Todd HellsKitchen said...

You ARE a good human being!

Mary Christine said...

I will remember the image of forcing a flower to open. That is a good'un. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

i need to remember all those things. thanks.