Monday, June 18, 2007


Allow your thoughts to travel often to beautiful and magnificent places. In your mind, construct all the rich details of the life you wish to live. Every success is first a success of the imagination. What wonderful pathways will you dare to imagine? ~Ralph Marston
Today I am grateful...
  • for the soft sound of the clothes dryer
  • to have slept well, unfettered, slightly covered under the ceiling fan
  • for a society of personal freedom (see last quote below)
  • for the soft, loving connection I feel at this moment with my Higher Power
  • for the truths my HP has shown me
  • to be a part of the 'collective mind'
I'm never going to forget about self, but the Big Book tells me that I'm supposed to be of maximum service to God and my fellows - I'm not even mentioned. And in that process, I'm of maximum service when I'm focused on others; folding chairs, emptying ashtrays, making coffee, a commitment at my home group. As it says: 'Our very lives as ex problem drinkers depends on our constant thought of others.' What do they mean by that? They can't possibly mean that we're supposed to constantly think of others. Could they? Who's going to think about me? ~Chris C.
. . . if only men were granted absolute liberty, and were compelled to obey no one, they would then voluntarily associate themselves in the common interest. ~As Bill Sees It
When I no longer live under the dictates of another or of alcohol, I live in a new freedom. When I release the past and all the excess baggage I have carried for so very long, I come to know freedom. I have been introduced into a life and a fellowship of freedom. The Steps are a "recommended" way of finding a new life, there are no commands or dictates in A.A. I am free to serve from desire rather than decree. There is the understanding that I will benefit from the growth of other members and I take what I learn and bring it back to the group. The "common welfare" finds room to grow in the society of personal freedom.


dAAve said...

Welcome to Monday.

lushgurl said...

That quote was amazing and right on too! I do feel free today, and soft and warm, kinda like a big hug!....and here's one for you too {{{Scott}}}

sober Chick said...

When I have moments of thinking of others it is a true sense of freedom from self. If only I can make this a regular event, progress not perfection right?

You have so much calmness in your life, this exudes from all the gratitude you express.

Pam said...

well I thought of myself all day yesterday....and NO ONE benifited.
I hope to do better today!
Thanks for reminding me this it works.

Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

Hi Angel in white. It's great to be back again, centered or uncentered!

Have a great week, my Angel in white!

Zane-nawwaa said...

Service has been a BIG part of my sobriety. Oh, and friends like you and Daave and others and the bloggers. Luv you.

Mary Christine said...

Well, Gee, Others will think of you!

recoveryroad said...

My clothes drier sounds like an Apollo mission preparing for take-off.