Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hitch your wagon to a star. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today I am grateful…

  • to have been able to share about the first step when I saw an acquaintance enter the room for the first time, then the welling of tears in my eyes as he took a desire chip
  • that the CPA got my taxes finished and I am actually getting a small refund
  • for the ability to set aside my plans and be spontaneous. This is SO different from the old days.
  • to get this gigantic commission painting installed at the client’s today
  • to realize for many, many days I owe everything my life is today to my sobriety (last night’s topic)


All of us are influenced by somebody. Not to be influenced is to remain an ignorant person. Most of us hinder our thinking, particularly around spiritual things, because of pride. We don't like change. We find it hard to accept attitudes and opinions that differ from our own. Pride keeps us deaf and often stupid. However, the daily program of a lived spirituality encourages a variety of opinions and attitudes. We can learn from different customs, lifestyles and religions. We can be helped in our understanding of life by the stranger. ~Fr Leo


Lou said...

Fr Leo is always right on.

Kim A. said...

Fr Leo rocks. He knows what's inside my head. Congrats on the commission painting. You must feel awesome!


dAAve said...

That's really cool about your "acquaintance."

That's really cool about your tax refund.

That's really cool about your commission painting.

That's really cool that you owe your life as it is today to sobriety.

Syd said...

I like that recovery is a priority in my life. I can make an excuse to not go to a meeting when the meeting is the very thing that I need most.

Jeremy said...

The first thing on your list brought tears to MY eyes.


I love me some Fr. Leo

Mary Christine said...

That's a big 10-4

garden-variety drunk said...

I LOVE Fr. Leo. Thanks for the post, now I want to go dig up one of Fr. Leo's talks.

Pam said...

Please teach me how to set aside my plans and be spontaneous....I try hard to be spontaneous, but I still try to plan for it..sigh.

Garykfc said...

Thank you for being in my life and giving me examples of a life I want and that I am getting.

Anonymous said...

"We can learn from different customs, lifestyles and religions."

So true! There are many pathways to God, and my job is to blaze my own trail -- not criticize the trail of my fellow man. Live and Let Live :)


Bobby said...

Thank you for not only the great quote but also for your thoughts. Pride does get in the way of happiness. It causes us to loose sight of what we are truly trying to accomplish. Learning to embrace another person's perspective is often times difficult but is ultimately well worth the effort. Thanks again for your insights.