Sunday, November 29, 2009


Today I have choices. I can stay in a bad mood, I can stay in a bad moment. Or, I can let them pass me by. ~unknown

Today I am grateful…

  • that as much as I love our Houston Round Up I am grateful it is over. I always get overwhelmed—so many people. My schedule gets disrupted. My alone time is diminished. It will be good to get back to some routine, even if that routine is unscheduled time (which I am lucky to have often).
  • that I am still surprised when people with whom I have not really had communication call me by my name
  • that today I have a working knowledge of the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. When I was a newcomer I longed to know the language.
  • for the brilliant delivery of a personal story last night. Our keynote speaker who had been beat to hell and back, who carried a dead baby in her belly as she traveled by bus from NYC to LA detoxing, who had some knowing alcoholic carry her from the bus station in El Paso to a bar so she could get some alcohol into her system so she would not die. A woman so passionate about getting sober she defied anyone to not help her. A drunk who overcame the obstacles placed in front of her. Someone who rose from the ashes and now lives to help others find what was so freely given her. Awesome.


Sometimes, the demands of other people and our confused expectations of ourselves - the messages about our responsibilities toward others - can create a tremendous, complicated mess.
We can even convince ourselves that people pleasing, going against our nature and not being honest, is the kind, honest thing to do!
Not true. Simplify. Back to basics. Let go of the confusion. By honoring and respecting ourselves, we will be true to those around us, even if we displease them momentarily.
To thine own self be true. Simple words describing a powerful task that can put us back on track. ~The Language of Letting Go


Scott said...

'tis good to have that choice today!

Tall Kay said...

You reminded me of that longing to know the language. I forget to be grateful for that knowledge today. Your recollection of the speaker gave me goosebumps and I wish I was there to hear her story too.

enchantedoak said...

Thank you for that anonymous quote about choices. I can stay in a bad place or I can get into the solution. Always, always a great reminder for those of us still occasionally afflicted with stinkin' thinking'. Your awesome speaker made me realize we all of us sober folks are arisen from the ashes of our old lives, reborn today, thanks to a Higher Power greater than alcohol.

dAAve said...


Lou said...

To hell and back is a very long journey that changes us forever.

Thanks for being routinely Scott W.

Pam said...

AWESOME! I would have loved it.

Mary Christine said...

I am always overwhelmed by those things too. It sounds like it was a good one though.

Syd said...

To thine ownself be true. Great words.

leah said...

wow, just reading about the story i got raised bumps and tears. i never knew there were so many forms of hell until hearing our stories. we can overcome with god and a few silly steps and traditions :)

god is awesome and good.

Anonymous said...

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