Friday, September 4, 2009


The flow of the universe and its perfect order has room to move in our lives when we get ourselves and our extraneous thoughts out of the way. ~Daily Om
Today I am grateful...
  • for the soft sounds of raindrops and the cool air outside this morning
  • that I was able to put down my new iPhone long enough to go to bed last night
  • for the lightness of being I had all day yesterday
  • that love and grace fill my life, even getting down in those little dusty corners
  • that simplicity is always the preferred M.O. in my life

I told the operator I wanted to talk to Alcoholics Anonymous - this was 28 years ago - so instead of giving me the Central Office she gave me the local Alano Club. The person picked up and said: "Hello." and gave the phone number. I said: "I want to talk to whoever is in charge." - I always believed in going immediately to the top. And there was a hell of an argument on the other end, as they snatched the phone away from each other while they decided who was in charge. Finally, one guy got on and said - and doesn't this make sense? Listen to this; he said: "Our Higher Power can't speak to you on the phone right now, but I have been authorized to speak in His behalf on any issues of recovery." ~AlkieSpeak


Tall Kay said...

Happy Friday Scott! Your sense of peace is tangible.

Pam said...

Lovin' me some Scott.

Lou said...

Enjoyed the story.

Have yourself a good week end, y'hear.

dAAve said...

That's why I quit going to church.

Indigo said...

I love that phrase: the lightness of being. It just invokes a beauty of spirit to me. (Hugs)Indigo

Kim A. said...

You have ur new iphone..i have a new uber-sized hd/lcd/webcam/card reader/remote controlled monitor..


Zanejabbers said...

OOOOH. All this high tech talk.

enchantedoak said...

I love your gratitude lists. I am a new blogger, and would love to have you visit my blog to share thoughts on recovery in daily life. AA has helped me for years to find lessons in all the trials of living, like coping with my aging parent, dusting my furniture, being married to another recovering alcoholic, and so on. Hope to see you on my comments soon.
Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Nice quote. Happy Saturday.