Friday, August 21, 2009


My stability came out of trying to give, not out of demanding that I receive. ~The Best Of Bill
Today I am grateful...
  • that locally we have a lot of AA birthdays in August. Why anyone chose such a warm month to get sober is beyond me. I waited until it was cooler. Just sayin'.
  • that at the last minute I decided to attend an opening at the CAMH and heard a local ambient duo perform their music. It was beautiful. You can listen to their music from that link.
  • that the program taught me when I entered that I wasn't flawed, I had a disease
  • that I have a life of privilege many do not get to experience
  • that we are all healers when we offer our hand

In recovery, we can more easily forgive ourselves for past actions when we realize they came out of a misguided attempt to meet basic needs. A starving person will seek out garbage. Starved as we were for necessities of life, we sought a form of garbage. The good news in AA recovery is that sobriety will help us meet basic needs in the right way. ~Walk in Dry Places


dAAve said...

I get to be first today.

Lou said...

There are a lot of regular birthdays in August too. A doctor told me that is because it's 9 months after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Bill said...

I guess a starving person would eat canned fish assholes.

Syd said...

Maybe the sobriety birthday comes from having all summer to drink beer and then getting enough. I've seen enough drinking this summer to suggest this may be a fact.

Indigo said...

I got sober at the end of April, that first summer was a nightmare. After that it was easy pie. I do believe it was one of the hottest summers on record too. (Hugs)Indigo

Mary Christine said...

I got sober in hot July. Every year on my birthday, after I realize that the back of my hair is all wet. That is the BEST time to get sober.

Anonymous said...

I got sober in September, on the 29th. Actually, I wanted my sobriety date to be October 3rd but once I got that first day on the 29th, I decided to stick with it. Thank goodness I did.

Tall Kay said...

Your grateful list always seems to change my perception for the day. I honestly believe that I had no choice in my sobriety date. If I did, I would have picked a better one!