Monday, August 17, 2009


At the end of every storm is calm. At the end of every argument is silence. At the end of one relationship there is another. Although life is composed of many endings, there are just as many new beginnings. ~Hazelden
Today I am grateful...
  • that I spent four hours dressing the paintings and rehanging the show. It's up and looks great, just waiting for visitors.
  • for the company of a friend as I worked. Recovery opens so many doors.
  • that my friend said to me that he keeps being reminded that he is where he wanted to be and has even bigger dreams now. I love recovery conversation.
  • that I wasn't at Woodstock. And oh, how I wanted to be a hippy.

We must think deeply of all those sick ones still to come to A.A. As they try to make their return to faith and to life, we want them to find everything in A.A. that we have found, and yet more, if that be possible. No care, no vigilance, no effort to preserve A.A.'s constant effectiveness and spiritual strength will ever be too great to hold us in full readiness for the day of their homecoming. ~Bill W


Lou said...

OMG, it's the 17th already.

Tall Karen said...

Homecoming to a place we've never been before. So remarkable. Thanks Scott, for so many warm fuzzy feelings and deep thinking stuff everyday.

Syd said...

I like recovery conversation too. I am glad to participate in it whenever I get the opportunity.

dAAve said...

I'm not sure why, but this looks like the 4th comment.

Recovery Road London said...

Nice Bill quote.

I'd visit your exhibition. Are your prices credit crunch friendly? ;)

Kebabs as in-flight catering...book me one now!

Scott W said...

I think you would fine them moderately priced.

Mary Christine said...

That squirrel is the best thing that happened to me all day - even thought it didn't really "happen" to "me".

And I was 17 and on the east coast 40 years ago - we were going to go down to Woodstock, but decided not to because of rain. I really don't think I could have ever been high enough to think that was fun. Too many people, too much chaos. Did you see the interview with 70 year old Grace Slick about Woodstock?

dailypiglet said...

love the squirrel thing, haven't seen it anywheres else. i don't care if it's photo shopped b/c it made me happy to see it. i reckon that's faith?