Sunday, August 16, 2009


We are quiet fighters, but we're strong, for we do not fight alone. And we know what waits for us if we lose. ~Keep It Simple
Today I am grateful...
  • that I got to do my work at TLC yesterday, fellowship and fun at lunch, nap, shower, the social of ice cream and fixin's, cupcakes, brownies and lots of other sweet stuff. Then there was the play recreating the first ever gay hospitality suite at the Intl AA Conference in New Orleans in 1980. It was hosted by the Lambda Center and grew so quickly the hotel gave them a free ballroom to meet in. It was a cause for celebration because so many gay AAs had never been in a gay recovery environment. It also spawned the creation of other Lambda Centers as people visited Houston to see what the deal was. We have something special here and I am incredibly grateful for it. The play was wicked funny and had several moments that moved me to watery eyes.
  • for a greater ease of making friends than ever in my life
  • that this morning I will go to the gallery to make ready the paintings for hanging, hang what I can and try to beat the heat of the day
  • that I will have what I need for this day

When drinking, they were strangers. Sometimes they were so inaccessible that it seemed as though a great wall had been built around them. ~BB, p. 107


Lou said...

That is awesome that you have a model in Lambda that works, and can serve as an example for others wanting to start the same sort of thing.

So much complacency in meetings, so few people who really want to advocate. In my home group of AlAnon more than half of the people don't even know the website address to get all sorts of free info. Week after week they sit there wanting someone to "lead" them to serenity, as if by magic.

Tall Karen said...

We are strong for we do not fight alone. What a powerful quite! Great list today. Happy Sunday morning!

Pam said...

damn, I'll bet that was fun!

Boston said...

very excited about your next show!

Syd said...

It sounds like Lambda is a great place. I'd like to visit some day. I also see so many people in meetings who won't reach out to fully get into recovery. There is help but it requires some work.