Saturday, August 8, 2009


Most of the time, other people don't really deceive us. We deceive ourselves by refusing to face life realistically. We often believe false information simply because we want to believe it. ~Walk in Dry Places
Today I am grateful...
  • that it is sort of overwhelming how much is available to me these days
  • for a Saturday morning peaceful heart
  • that my meditation radio station continues to serenade my morning quiet time
  • to not shirk from a ringing telephone. This morning someone called, a relative closing in on their Continuation Day, just needing someone to tell her all is okay. I can be there for that. It is a privilege to be called upon.
  • that this morning I get to meet with my sponsor. This man sponsors so many people is kind and gentle and can laugh at life's speed bumps without complaint or judgement. I am lucky to have him as a guide.

We can still retain our capacity for believing in wonders and miracles. We have experienced enough miracles to prove that they really happen. ~Walk in Dry Places

Sobriety. It's an exciting adventure. It's a spiritual adventure. We look inward. We find where our Higher Power lives: within us. We then reach outward. We share our joy with others. Not with words and preaching, but by trying to help others. Sobriety is faith turned into action.

Sobriety. It's an adventure in coming to know one's self. At times, we'll have to face our fears. But we'll also find just how much love we have for life.

Sobriety. It's as if we're on a trip. Our Higher Power holds the map. Our job is to listen. And we go in the direction we're told. ~Keep It Simple


dAAve said...

Lots of sobriety today.

Mary Christine said...

I agree about your sponsor. He is very special and I feel privileged to have met him.

Lou said...

My days just continue and continue.

Thank God!

Anonymous said...

"closing in on ... Continuation Day"

This is new to me. Will you kindly define "Continuation Day?"

Scott W said...

Continuation Day is when a soul moves from the physical body to the plane of existence where the physical is no longer necessary.

dailypiglet said...

i so very much love that first quote, i wish to marry it. cept' that would ruin everything.

i love your gratefuls too.

Tall Karen said...

So much really good stuff here today Scott. Looking inward, facing life realistically, reaching outward...without complaint or judgement.

Syd said...

I have never heard of Continuation Day but I'm glad that you explained it. It sounds like a Fourth Dimension of sorts.