Friday, April 4, 2008

04 + 04 = 08 Attack of the Even Numbers

Actually today's date doesn't bother me that much, Fridays always seem like odd number days to me.
Resentment is anger that we don't want to turn over to our Higher Power. Sometimes we want to keep our anger. Maybe we want to "get even." it's hard to be spiritual and full of anger at the same time. When we hold on to anger, it turns into self-will. ~Keep It Simple
Today I am grateful...
  • that yesterday I managed to sit through one of the most leader self-centered meetings I have ever attended
  • that we have the promise of some big weather midday
  • that everything I have today I owe to sobriety given to me by a Higher Power
  • that I don't have to do it alone or more than one day at a time
  • that some days it is easier to be nicer than others, I am betting today it will be easy
If you think God looks only one way or sounds only one way or is only one way, you’re going to look right past Me night and day. You’ll spend your whole life looking for God and not finding Her. Because you’re looking for a Him. ~Conversations with God


dAAve said...

I agree about the meeting. I thought maybe it was just my imagination.

Gwen R said...

Amen brother! Have a great weekend Scott~

Hugs and kisses,

Scott Crawford said...

**that some days it is easier to be nicer than others, I am betting today it will be easy**

Great start at it!

Bill said...

Odd or even,
Even or odd,
My day is just fine
If I hang out with God.

I forgot to tell you that your recent studies impelled me to lead yesterday's meeting with the topic of Humility.

Humbly yours, Bill

Shelly! said...

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your blog Scott. Your quote today from Keep It Simple was a perspective shifter that I needed.

As always, thank you.

Enjoy your weekend.

Trailboss said...

I agree with you about Fridays. In my mind they are always odd numbers. They are also very clear, kwim? Ok, I know, I am strange.

Zane-nawwaa said...

Now I want to know who led the Thursday meeting. Enjoy today, even tho it is supposed to be wet.

Syd said...

A leader self-centered meeting is why I quit going to the Sunday night meeting. My sponsor thinks that going would help me to deal with difficult people. I guess that's where we disagree. I don't want to go to a meeting that's "run" by a controlling person nor do I feel the need to deal with that person. I go to meetings to have serenity and not give it up.

peanut said...

Dear Scott,

Rain or shine, I wish you an outstanding day and weekend.

It's a shame about the leader - hopefully they see their behavior and are able to change.

Like Zane, I'm curious too.

Love you Scott !

Anonymous said...

Thank's Scott

sober Chick said...

so i m at work and my sanity was interrupted by a customer. i m more upset at myself for allowing it to happen. i jumped on the blog lines n am sooo gr8ful to u. it is the remedy to help me get re-aligned.

thnx for the "Keep It Simple Today"

i also wz able 2 giggle about what u wrote in regard 2 "managed to sit through one of the most leader self-centered meetings I have ever attended." Although at the time you were probably irritated I hope you can laugh at it today.

Mary Christine said...

I hope you weren't chairing that meeting!

Anonymous said...

glad to hear you did the right thing and stayed in the meeting. i probably would have left. sometimes i don't have a lot of patience.