Sunday, March 16, 2008


Be Willing to see clearly.
Be Willing to choose differently.
Be Willing to set aside what the world has taught you.
Be Willing to be what He would have you be.

Today I am grateful...
  • or the almost nine hours of sleep I got last night
  • that yesterday at the gumbo party when I heard the whir of the blender I remembered how much I used to love margaritas, and that I had absolutely no desire to drink one. Yesterday when I noticed this it was just sort of matter-of-fact. Today this seems huge, that in reality I had no desire for alcohol. That it had been totally removed.
  • for Randall's ten gallons of seafood gumbo, perfectly spiced
  • for old and new friends
  • that even though some people will always be annoying, they are still lovable

Your only calling here is to devote yourself, with active willingness, to the denial of guilt in all its forms. ~A Course in Miracles

I'd drink to get relaxed but by the time I got relaxed enough I was unconscious. ~Dave (not our Dave)

Imagine the life that you wish you had and know that it is right for you simply because it is what you want. It requires no justification, no reasoning, no logic, or explanation. It just is. Many things in the Universe are quite simple because they just are. And imagining our life can be that simple. Without doubt or fear, we can truly have everything that we desire in life because what we wish for ourselves is in total perfection with what the Universe will bring to us. ~J. Hoffman


Pam said...

Oh darlin', I needed that little "willing list" this morning. That was a God send.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh, the whirr and hum and primal beat of the blender. What a great bit of intoxicating, romanticized lounge lizardry that whips up.

So glad that today I'm more inclined to think first of the hilarious "Will it Blend" videos than fruity concoctions.

Thanks for the Sunday smile. And the reminders. Willin'

Scott C in the Land of Cleves

Zane-nawwaa said...

But it sounds like our Daave.Ah, willingness, the third bar of the
HOW triangle. Thanks.

dAAve said...

you and Zane both talking about Margaritas.

Mary Christine said...

Isn't it wonderful to realize you truly don't want a drink?

Anonymous said...

sometimes i'm in a position like that and i do, but i don't, want one. i get myself out of those positions as quickly as i can.