Friday, March 14, 2008


As active alcoholics, we lost our ability to choose whether we would drink. We were the victims of a compulsion which seemed to decree that we must go on with our own destruction. Yet we finally did make choices that brought about our recovery. We came to believe that alone we were powerless over alcohol. This was surely a choice, and a most difficult one. We came to believe that a Higher Power could restore us to sanity when we became willing to practice A.A.'s Twelve Steps. In short, we chose to 'become willing,' and no better choice did we ever make. ~Bill W letter
Today I am grateful...
  • that I was without my computer for only 24 hours and as we have seen proven in our fellowship, we can do anything for 24 hours!
  • for yesterday's superb meeting about fellowship. When I finally got the fact that I never had to do it alone, ever again, things really changed for me.
  • to have a Higher Power that sustains my life and sustains my future
  • that last night I again dreamt about him--that makes three nights in a row
  • that there is not one reason for me to believe that today I will not be cared for
You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of. ~Jim Rohn


Pam said...

whew! I'm so glad you are up and running again!
Maybe "he" is dreaming of you also.

Mary Christine said...

I hope those dreams are sweet. Glad you are back.

Anonymous said...

24 hours without a computer! that's crazy!

Trailboss said...

Happy feet here for your puter coming home.

Love you


dAAve said...

I'm glad you got to see HIM at Luby's.

Zane-nawwaa said...

Yesterday I started to email you as you could not post. DUH!!!

Syd said...

Glad that you're back posting. I tend to enjoy those times when I am computerless.

peanut said...

Dear Scott,

Who is this masked man?

I miss you. I will be around again soon. It has been hard to get going lately as I have a physical challenge that needs time and attention before I am able to leave the house.

Much going on with the Triduum coming up.

Glad you're up and posting again. Perhaps today I will be able to publish a comment???

Love you, Scott

Esateys said...

I agree! It's time to take responsibility for our lives! :)