Saturday, August 25, 2007


In our active addiction, we usually did not pray for knowledge of God's will for us and the power to carry it out. On the contrary, most of our prayers were for God to get us out of the mess we had made for ourselves. We expected miracles on demand. That kind of thinking and praying changes when we begin practicing the Eleventh Step. The only way out of the trouble we have made for ourselves is through surrender to a Power greater than ourselves.
Today I am grateful...
  • that I visited Tab this morning and there was a comment from my sister. The world gets smaller.
  • for a sweaty, labor intensive job today of decoupaging a powder room
  • when family members return to their ebullient selves
  • that I was able to wipe clean a drawing I had been working on losing a couple hours of work without too much frustration
  • that lest I get too big for my britches, I am only sober for today
  • that the optician agreed to remake my new lenses. I had to lift up my glasses to be able to see to draw or read fine print like menus.

In recovery, we learn acceptance. We seek knowledge in our prayers and meditation of how we are to greet the circumstances that come our way. We stop fighting, surrender our own ideas of how things should be, ask for knowledge, and listen for the answers. The answers usually won't come in a flash of white light accompanied by a drum roll. Usually, the answers will come merely with a quiet sense of assurance that our lives are on course, that a Power greater than ourselves is guiding us on our paths. ~Today's quotations from NA Just for Today


Pam said...

thank you so much for giving me a link to ebullient, because I can't see a word like that and not go searching thru the dictionary.
I have always wanted to decoupage an entire room, labor intensive or not! enjoy your saturday.

lisa said...

I wish my britches weren't so big! I agree w/Pam. I knew the word ebullient but didn't know what it meant.


Tab said...

I appreciated Lisa and everyones comments on my blog recently around grief and loss issues.


Mary Christine said...

the word ebullient was in a puzzle I recently did. I didn't realize it had two "l"s.

Scott said...

lol, I could go for some smaller britches myself... and who would have thought that a person could actually sweat and decoupage at the same time?

peanut said...

All these $ 5.00 words !

My dictionary didn't show "coupage" OR "decoupage."

It sounds dangerous. Glad it's over.

Love you.