Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I hope for the best, but prepare for the thirst. ~Pocket Sponsor
Today I am grateful...
  • that this morning I am feeling frustrated. I am not so grateful to be frustrated as I am to be feeling. I was frightened yesterday when I visited R and his breath was extremely labored. I got a hold of J and he made his way back to the house, and I made MADE R get dressed and we took him to the ER. We got there at 3:30 PM, I left at 9:30 PM to take care of Bunny and Virgil. J called at 11:30 and there were no beds available still. He was staying until R got admitted. And today, that will all be what it will be and I have said prayers so I can stay centered and be available.
  • for Bunny in my life, even though he has reached teenage years and is being extremely defiant. Still, he makes me laugh more than any other dog I have ever been around.
  • that without air conditioning I would be a raging lunatic. Yesterday's heat index was 107F.
  • that my HP will gently nudge, or tug on my hand or let me let go of a thought, or sometimes just kick me in the ass
  • that Shannon's world today is blessed by her kick ass HP
  • that if I concentrate I won't have to focus on ME all day
  • that this morning I finish the last of my bronchitis meds. The inhaler is still on standby.

We can learn to say yes to things that feel good, to what we want - for others and ourselves. We can learn to say yes to fun. Yes to meetings, to calling a friend, asking for help. We can learn to say yes to healthy relationships, to people and activities that are good for us. We can learn to say yes to ourselves, what we want and need, our instincts, and the leading of our Higher Power. We can learn to say yes when it feels right to help someone. We can learn to say yes to our feelings. We can learn to identify when we need to take a walk, take a nap, have our back rubbed, or buy ourselves flowers. We can learn to say yes to work that is right for us. We can learn to say yes to all that will nurture and nourish us. We can learn to say yes to the best life and love has to offer. ~The Language of Letting Go


lushgurl said...

"I hope for the best but prepare for the thirst"... yup!
My goodness Scott it seems a lot of our blogger buddieas are having 'days' lately! Ain't it great to still be able to feel the gratitude for stuff though?
Love ya Scott, and prayers to your friend.

Oh and LOL@teenaged dog!!!

Pam said...

oooo..let us know about R. I know how important he is to you darlin'. From looking at bunnys' pictures...I can just tell he would be a loving fun creature to be around. I'm glad he is there for you.

Anonymous said...

my love to you and your friends. hope to see you soon! hope your friend is feeling better today. i'll send good wishes.

Mary Christine said...

You make the world a better place by being a sober Scott and being of service to your fellows. I am blessed to know you.

sober Chick said...

Your gratitude is so large from home life to those out there living and dealing with life. I adore to read the recognition.

Piglet said...

i am sorry to hear about your friend, but glad you were able to get him to the hospital. my dad LOATHED them so much and suffered by his stubbornness.

the heat, my god the heat. it's unbearable. our index was 102, and you simply cannot breathe in air like that.

do you use humidifiers in your home for the bronchitis?

One Drunk to Another said...

Keep breathing, my dear.

Another raging lunatic saved by AC