Sunday, August 5, 2007


Your need is God's opportunity. ~Twenty-Four Hours a Day
Today I am grateful...
  • there is a new topic on Sobriety Society
  • for grace that keeps me plugged in and ready to move forward
  • to wake sober, Bunny at my side, the day stretches out before me
  • for this statement on page 23 of alcoholics Anonymous: the main problem of the alcoholic centers in his mind, rather than in his body
Each of the spiritual ideals of our program serves to straighten out one or another of the kinks in our thinking that developed in our active addiction. Denial is counteracted by admission, secretiveness by honesty, isolation by fellowship, and despair by faith in a loving Higher Power. The spiritual ideals we find in recovery are restoring the shape of our thoughts and our lives to their natural condition. ~NA Just for Today


Shannon said...

I love that feeling when you just wake up with your baby dog and they come up and snuggle with you... **sighs**

LOL now that we have 4 doggies LOL there is no peacefullness in waking up, or going to sleep. Just dog fights LOL mostly because Roxy is jealous of Max and will kick him out of bed, but he feels that he was there first and should defend his spot, so he fights back... then Pimpy (the giant dog) tries to jump up there and see what the heck is going on, Bear, well, really he is too old to care he looks over like, shut those dogs up! LOL its great... NOT.... My husband has now made them all a BIG bed in the garage... : (
once in a while 1 of them gets to be the "winner", and sleep in the house. If it were just me, LOL they would all be in the house...

Happy Sunday

peanut said...

My Dear Scott,

I love the paragraph at the end regarding the Spiritual Ideals of the Program. Thank you.

I wrote them down and it's worth posting where I can see them daily.

Thank you

Mary Christine said...

I am so glad you and I get to be sober souls at the same time on this planet.

Pam said...

I'm glad to be on the same planet with you and MC.
I'd kinda like to snuggle with bunny.