Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Our insanity had finally risen higher than our wall of denial, forcing us to get honest about our disease. Our best efforts at control had only worn us out; hence, we became willing to surrender. We had received the gift of desperation and, as a result, were able to accept the spiritual principles that make it possible for us to recover. ~NA Just for Today
Today I am grateful...
  • for responsible pet owners who make difficult decisions. Losing a pet it a difficult thing. Randall was lucky he didn't have to put Pinkerton down. My sister and her husband had to make he decision to put little Roger down today. He was born with an undeveloped rectum and not be able to live a healthy life.
  • that I finished the commission piece I have been working on. I will post a picture as soon as the sun comes out so I can have some good lighting.
  • that I keep my life simple and quiet and the result is a meditative lifestyle. I really do stay as quiet as I can. And it gets easier to come back to center when things get a little crazy.
  • that today I choose life. I thanked my Higher Power for keeping me sober for the next twenty-four hours.
  • that since I am not privy to the reason I was one of the lucky ones to get sober all I have to recognize is gratitude

We play, we love, and we celebrate the miracle of life every day, not because there is no grief, but because life is precious and time is limited. ~Touchstones


dAAve said...

Beam me up, Scotty.

Pam said...

I used to wonder all the time why I was picked to get the gift of sobriety and so many people that I felt REALLY deserved it weren't. Now, I feel like you do...my responsibility is just to be grateful for it.....and do the work to keep it.

peanut said...

Dear Scott,

my heart hurts for those losing dear pets.

I too strive to be a more quiet person. When I am, there is a calmness internally. Like everything else, it comes and goes depending upon my connectedness to my Higher Power.

I have been disconnected for a couple of weeks.

Your reminder will help me get back to that "place" today.

Shannon said...

I am sorry to read about little roger. my heart goes out to them too. I believe in Doggie heaven so I know he is in a better place and running and playing with all our pets before
I hope you have good day
love the pic above, and cant wait to see the next one

Mary Christine said...

I am so grateful that you chose life and that I get to hear about it.