Friday, July 13, 2007


The taste of humility is never bitter. The rewards of humbling ourselves by asking for help sweetens our recovery. ~NA, Just for Today

Today I am grateful...
  • that I sent my brother a birthday ecard today. I asked him years ago to stop emailing me because he sent such right-wing stuff that was offensive to me. We haven't been in contact since.
  • for the new Tiffany blue sheets I found on sale at Target yesterday
  • that Pinkerton (Randall's cat) only has a bladder infection and not a bowel obstruction as he feared. I was grateful I was able to sit with them at the vet yesterday.
  • for the city sewer system. Last night Randall and I went to India's for glorious Indian food and in the street in front there was a major (1'x2') pot hole that had exposed liquid waste. It is incredible that humans can produce such super stinky stuff. It's true, we really are only shit factories.
  • that I strive to work the program to the best of my ability
  • that I know it will be a good day because when I started my prayers this morning, a smile crept across my face. My, how things have changed.

To behave with dignity is
nothing less than to allow others
freely to be themselves.
~Sol Chaneles

Be expectant. Constantly expect better things. Believe that what God has in store for you is better than anything you ever had before. The way to grow old happily is to expect better things right up to the end of your life and even beyond that. A good life is a growing expanding life, with ever-widening horizons, an ever-greater circle of friends and acquaintances, and an ever-greater opportunity for usefulness. ~Twenty-Four Hours a Day


dAAve said...

I don't remember hearing about your brother before.
I hope things may get better. Time will tell, eh?

lisa said...

Thought I would share a quote you posted some time ago. We all need to be reminded and often, I think.

"Spend 2 minutes a day reassuring yourself that you are made of loving thoughts. Spend the rest of the day acting on those thoughts." - unknown


Pam said...

Wow...you took a hard action step with your brother!
AND...you talked about sick animals, pot holes and human shit...but your post still came off sounding full of gratitude and humility....that ain't easy.
I've noticed that you are good with waiting at medical facilities with friends...I find that very admirable my friend.

peanut said...

Dear Scott,

I hope you and your brother will resume a relationship. It is scary territiory. Kudos to you for going back. I hope he will respond in kind.
You are such a kind and gentle Spirit, oh course you sit and wait with your friends - that's the essence of YOU. Love you

sober Chick said...

Bladder infection? Not fun, there can be so elements causing a UTI. However I do appreciate your positive outlook and that you are there for people you love.

You are such a giving person hence an internal fullfillment.

Meg Moran said...

oh dear, I hope we a little more than just shit factories! how about spiritual shit factories!

Gwen said...

What a great list.

Warmest thoughts for you and your brother. Ugh they are so hard those brothers!

Would love to see those blue sheets on my bed too~

Enjoy your weekend Scott~
Love and hugs,

Mary Christine said...

Shit factories with great writing skills and thought processes. Thanks Scott.