Tuesday, June 26, 2007


But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads. ~Albert Camus
Today I am grateful...
  • that my itching attack last night was fairly short lived, thanks to hydrocortisone ointment and Aleve, but I lost a lot of sleep
  • that I function much better with less sleep then when I was always hungover
  • that I sold six pieces of art this past weekend!!!
  • to have gotten back to my nighttime routine last night (dinner and TV with R and J)
  • for the message last night from a friend to call her today as her dog escaped yesterday and was killed by a car. I will make that call right after I pray, but I am not looking forward to it. Last night Bunny and I spoke with Chester and asked him to go meet Anna at the Rainbow Bridge.
  • for freedom from worry. I do not worry nearly as much as I used to before my life changed due to the remarkable program of Alcoholics Anonymous.
When A.A. was quite young, a number of eminent psychologists and doctors made an exhaustive study of a good-sized group of so-called problem drinkers. The doctors weren't trying to find how different we were from one another; they sought to find whatever personality traits, if any, this group of alcoholics had in common. They finally came up with a conclusion that shocked the A.A. members of that time. These distinguished men had the nerve to say that most of the alcoholics under investigation were still childish, emotionally sensitive, and grandiose. ~12&12


dAAve said...

Sorry to hear about Anna. I had not seen the Rainbow Brige thing before.

peanut said...

Oh my. My heart aches for Anna !
I'm so sorry that happened. How wonderful that she calls you for support and love, Scott.
Thank you for the Rainbow Bridge, I have never heard of that.

Also, I totally understand the itching episodes. I have had them and still do at times. Thank you for airing that, I don't feel so awkward or like "the only one."
Yes, thank goodness for corticosteroid cream. Love you Scott !

Shannon said...

Oh no, I am so sorry to hear about Anna's dog. I know Chester will take good care of her. I totally belive in doggie heaven. I they are up there running and playing, with their tongues hanging out and everything.
sending you a BIG HUG and bunny too

Pam said...

How great for you to know that people not only seek you out for comfort....but that you are available to friends who call on you! You're so groovy scott.
thanks for that link...I loved it.

sober Chick said...

Oh how I know such pain and loss. The support of others is so important during times as such. You are a good friend.

Thank yo for Rainblow Bridge. That is so precious, I am bookmarking it.

piglet said...

i am so happy for you to have sold so many pieces! that is awesome and well earned scott.

now about this itching thing? eczema?