Monday, June 11, 2007


When I complain about me or about you, I am complaining about God's handiwork. I am saying I know better than God. ~Alcoholics Anonymous, p 417 (or 449)

Today I am grateful...


  • that I cleaned more of my "house" last night
  • that I didn't have to be disappointed with the finale of "The Sopranos" because I didn't watch it
  • that tomorrow Bunny goes to SNAP (Spay and Neuter Assistance Program) to have his little boys removed
  • for the miracle of sleep
  • that today I have what I need and you probably do too

Look past the body, past the personality, past the behavior, into the window of one an other's souls. There we make a connection. The God in me recognizes and honors the God in you. ~Mary Manin Morrissey


Pam said...

thank you SO MUCH sweet scott!
I'm so thankful that Bunny isn't losing his "boys" on my birthday!!!

dAAve said...

LOL @ The Sopranos.
I've never watched it at all.

sober Chick said...

No complaining today, just full of gratitude :)

I don't watch the Sopranos either, thank goodness for that.

Awww little Bunny is gonna be a new man. A neuter is less invasive than a spay so Bunny will be up and running in no time. Do you know they have these things called "nuticals" where some owners have falsies placed in the area that once was filled? Crazy, I figure it is mostly for show dogs and such.

I missed reading your daily gratitude points, glad to be reading them again. Thanks for the link to Pam's BD.

Happy Monday!

LAS said...

Hey - thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your gratitude lists and I appreciate the reminder to be grateful - I'm severely lacking in gratitude these days. Severely. I need a major attitude adjustment!

lisa said...

I don't know if dogs are like horses when they are gelded but if so be sure they get the "squeaker"! That is what makes my gelding think he is a stud. It's not a pretty picture :(


Mary Christine said...

Never watched the Sopranos either. Sometimes it is good to miss out on stuff.

lushgurl said...

A couple of things I needed to hear today Scott...about God's haniwork and seeing into ones'soul.... I'm kinda stuck in critisizing self lately, so Thank YOU and love ya!

Shannon said...

LOL I dont care about the Sopranos either.
YAY PAM! will be checkin her out next
poor bunny.. all my animals are fixed, I think that is being a responsible pet owner, but in the back of my mind I think thats kind of mean.. ??? LOL

Meg Moran said...

bye bye bunny's boys.....