Wednesday, May 23, 2007


The following moved me:
I had nowhere else to go. I crept into the meeting I'd gone to before I'd decided I could still drink. I'd hit rock-bottom. Drinking and sobriety were both unbearable. I sat in the back row, ready to flee again. There was an odd man who I'd seen before at the meeting. He never mixed with anyone. He'd spotted me come in and after a time he came and sat closer than I'd seen him sit next to anyone - still a few rows away, but close for him. Anyway, I stayed through to the end of the meeting. I didn't hear much, I sat there, lost, not knowing what to do, where to go. I noticed this man had moved closer, four or five seats away, and he said: "Are you all right?" I said;" It hurts." And he said; "I know." Then he moved off. That's all I could have taken then. And that's all it took: One alcoholic reaching out the hand of AA to another. No matter how shaky either hand was. ~ Anonymous woman. Australia.
Today I am grateful...
  • that Mary Christine started a new topic on Sobriety Society
  • to have been able to share my E, S and H with a friend not in the program
  • for long quotes that touch me (see above and below)
  • that I was able to visit the ENT yesterday. He (Dr. Funk is his real name) prescribed antibiotic ear drops (which I have plenty of) and a steriod nasal spray (that will cost me $70)
  • that at the mention of future surgery I didn't freak out
  • that today I am sober and happy
  • for Carlos and Fernando (see previous post)

It is very difficult for me to come to terms with my spiritual illness because of my great pride, disguised by my material successes and my intellectual power. Intelligence is not incompatible with humility, provided I place humility first. To seek prestige and wealth is the ultimate goal for many in the modern world. To be fashionable and to seem better than I really am is a spiritual illness. To recognize and to admit my weakness is the beginning of good spiritual health. It is a sign of spiritual health to be able to ask God every day to enlighten me, to recognize His will, and to have the strength to execute it. My spiritual health is excellent when I realize that the better I get, the more I discover how much help I need from others. ~Daily Reflections


lushgurl said...

My hand is very shaky today, but I must be getting better because I have reached out to three people for help in the last 24 hours!
Thanks for sharing Scott.
love ya lots

Zane-nawwaa said...

Hi Dahlink, I have shared the Post story at group level, maybe just not here. I loved your quotes today. Thanx and Luv ya.

recoveryroad said...

It hurts. It truly does. And it still does today.

Pam said...

whoa...the opening story made my throat clench. I can so relate to "it hurts".......and then truly relate to "I know". Man oh man, sometimes when we first get here...we just want so bad for someone to "get it". I'd say he got exactly what he needed at that moment.

Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

I didn't freak out either!
Thanks for sharing the long quotes. Love it too.

Zane-nawwaa said...

Mirror Mirror on the wall
Excuse me, it's not me at all.

Mary Christine said...

Thanks Scott.

Redhead Gal said...

Awesome post today. Hope your ear feels better soon.

Piglet said...

i love that story, just knowing that other people know what it's like is such a healing power.

lisa said...

That 1st quote is a good one. I hope and pray my son will find his way there. Prayer and knowing I am doing the right thing by being strong and not enabling him keeps me going.

I love you brother