Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Share Your Gratitude

If someone has been kind, thank him or her today. Yes, we can wait and buy that person dinner next week. but how about writing an e-mail this afternoon or leaving a message on a telephone answering machine telling how much you appreciate the kind words or deeds?

We cannot show gratitude without sharing it with someone. When we show our gratitude, it's a way of sharing our joy with that person. Even when we do something as simple as burning a candle to show gratitude to God, it shares our joy with everyone who sees the flame of the candle. It strengthens their faith and reminds them to show their gratitude, too.

Make showing and sharing your gratitude a part of your life. If someone does something nice for you, share your happiness with that person. Send a card or make a phone call. If you believe that a prayer has been answered by God, share your gratitude with God. Tell someone, or thank God publicly at your worship service. If you have had a victory in your recovery, show your gratitude by sharing it with others in your group. Then share your gratitude with them for the help they've given,too.

Demonstrate gratitude in your actions every day. Gratitude is more than just a thought process and more than just a Sunday-morning church activity. Demonstrate your gratitude through your compassion, and your tolerance. Gratitude strengthens and supports our relationships with God and with other people. Make a commitment to show your gratitude by sharing it with others whenever you have the opportunity.

We can show our gratitude for life in even our smallest actions. Find a way to demonstrate your gratitude to the universe. Feed the birds! Action gives life to ideas. When we start to look for ways to show our gratitude, we will find more and more to be grateful for.

Gratitude is a form of self-expression that must be shared. We cannot have an attitude of gratitude without having an object of that gratitude. ~More Language of Letting Go


S. Susan Deborah said...

You said it dear Scott. Can I thank you now for the wonderful insights you provide us with.

Joy and gratitude,

Syd said...

Great stuff. I wrote to someone this morning to thank them for a good deed.

that girl said...

i love this post. good advise.

Anonymous said...


Todd HellsKitchen

RSA Course said...

Excellent excerpt!
A perfect little jolt of inspiration for the day. Thanks!

Storm Before the Calm said...

Thank you for this post! I can't wait to share it with some friends. We talk musch of gratitude, but you have helped me realize new ways to show it. Thank you again.

Farid Fazeli said...

Thank You for this great post.
And GOD bless.
Farid from IRAN.

Tom Tsakounis said...

You couldn't have said it better Scott, "When we start to look for ways to show our gratitude, we will find more and more to be grateful for."

The more we find to be grateful for, the better our emotional well-being becomes. Gratitude is a very powerful emotion!


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Thank you, this was a beautiful reflection.

Gratitude Girls said...

Beautifully said! Gratitude has the ability to transform our lives to see all of the beauty and the blessings that surround us each and every day!

With gratitude,

Andrew said...

Really i love this post. Great post. Gratitude is more than simply saying thank you.

Craig said...

Really a good point raised. We should be oblige and thanks to the people whom we find performing a noble deed.

Leslyn Kantner said...

Excellent advice - we should remember to offer gratitude to the less prominent people we run into each day as well - they were there too!

Andrew Stephen said...

Nice informative blog, thanks for sharing.